Caulder Melhaire: I rebuilt the dang things the morning of the announcement cause it finally clicked LOL Mar 13, 2023 15:10:51 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: So I'm glad they're a hit :D Mar 13, 2023 15:12:59 GMT -6
pelwrath: For any interested, I posted in Boasting about an essay (short) being read on a pod cast. It’s about Literature and Music. Mar 18, 2023 17:29:42 GMT -6
whaleworkforfood: Congrats pel! That's great news :cheers: Mar 21, 2023 3:50:09 GMT -6
pelwrath: Thank you whale. Mar 21, 2023 19:03:13 GMT -6
pelwrath: It’s a great night when Harry Turtledove liked my response to a tweet! Mar 22, 2023 17:57:37 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: Ha, nice!:cheers: Mar 23, 2023 9:40:38 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: :bunny: Only a couple days to go until we launch the April POETRY CONTEST! :bunny: :bunny: :bunny: It has nothing to do with bunnies, I promise. Mar 28, 2023 9:52:12 GMT -6 *
ScintillaMyntan: Looking forward to it. Mar 28, 2023 11:14:21 GMT -6
Bird: first time using shoutbox on this new iteration of LF.... is there a search function on the site? i'm being lazy and want to search for a thread but not have to go through each subforum manually... lol Mar 28, 2023 17:51:37 GMT -6
Bird: i thought there was but now I'm just not seeing it lol Mar 28, 2023 17:51:59 GMT -6
ScintillaMyntan: Yeah, it's on the top bar of buttons. "Home," "Participated," "Help," Search." Mar 28, 2023 18:01:56 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: Oh, hey, look at that! We have a search function. Cool. It's kinda buried among the other menu buttons, ain't it. >< Mar 29, 2023 12:40:48 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: And maybe I should get rid of Calendar. We never use it. And I can't find a way to make the calendar show up on the forum itself, with birthdays and things. :thumbdown: Mar 29, 2023 12:41:56 GMT -6
Bird: omg, it's right there in the smack dab middle of that menu I never notice LOL Thanks all. feeling silly now Mar 29, 2023 21:07:23 GMT -6
Bird: Oh. okay. I guess we don't have a dedicated conlang discussion. All we have is the resource thread to input in conlang resources. huh. Mar 29, 2023 21:08:57 GMT -6
Bird: Also, the search tool is so robust and complicated. I really didn't need twenty fields. Just one lol Mar 29, 2023 21:09:20 GMT -6
Bird: there's a what to search set of fields, a where to search set of fields, a when to search set of fields, and a who to search set of fields. Thankfully I don't need to fill out allof them to search lol Mar 29, 2023 21:10:19 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: LOL, yeah, that's a bit overkill, methinks. :lshic: Mar 30, 2023 8:32:24 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: The Poetry Contest launches! Check out the details: forum.legendfire.com/thread/1226/poetry-contest-2023 Mar 30, 2023 10:27:43 GMT -6
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