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pelwrath: On there way,Raveneye. I thought I'd sent them on Wednesday. It was in draft. Sept 19, 2021 23:04:59 GMT -6
pelwrath: Hasn't been a good weekend, four stories came back rejected, no other info on them. Sept 19, 2021 23:06:12 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: Right you are, , right you are. Sept 20, 2021 15:04:53 GMT -6
pelwrath: I’ve only had such a contract for a story once before. That doesn’t excuse my stupidity. Sept 20, 2021 15:37:51 GMT -6
pelwrath: Did about 1200 words on Vampire #2 this morning with more for tonight. Wife and daughter watching Candyman. Sept 20, 2021 17:11:05 GMT -6
pelwrath: My wife said with pouting eyes, “don’t you want to watch Candyman with me?” Horror not a genre of preference. Monster scary (Alien, etc.) fine. That said, movie isn’t that bad with an interesting twist at the end. Sept 21, 2021 11:40:08 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: Oh, ugh, no! Saw that one waaaaay back. Never again. Not my genre either. Still, I've never said "Candyman" three times while looking in a mirror. No way! LOL Sept 22, 2021 11:49:31 GMT -6
pelwrath: This one is brand new and answers questions from the first. Sept 22, 2021 12:04:10 GMT -6
HDSimplicityy: i dont think Ive seen it either. Sept 22, 2021 15:05:34 GMT -6
pelwrath: Researching the city of Edinburgh isn't hard, but trying to connect two disjoint locations in and near the city for my book 2 draft, ain't easy. Sept 22, 2021 20:04:13 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: We've been joking about Candyman at work because the lead was excited to see it Sept 22, 2021 20:17:27 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: "Okay, you guys go home and say candyman 3 times in the mirror and then come back and tell me what happens" Sept 22, 2021 20:17:40 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: No, I don't think I will :lshic: Sept 22, 2021 20:17:56 GMT -6
HDSimplicityy: I understood that reference. Sept 22, 2021 20:26:10 GMT -6
HDSimplicityy: not the movie lul Sept 22, 2021 20:26:31 GMT -6
pelwrath: It's five times,not three. Sept 23, 2021 0:06:14 GMT -6
whaleworkforfood: What do you guys think happens if you say Candyman (or Bloody Mary or any other mirror-related apparitions) non-consecutively? Like if you say Candyman once tonight, then says Candyman again the next night. Do you still summon Candyman? Sept 23, 2021 7:58:06 GMT -6
pelwrath: If you're saying with the knowledge of what could happen, then too bad for you. Also, the new movie provides an interesting definition of mirror. Sept 23, 2021 9:58:08 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: I think it has to be consecutive or else my parrot-y butt has unknowingly summoned Mary Worth several hundred times by now LOL Sept 23, 2021 14:52:33 GMT -6
Alatariel: What about with Beetlejuice? I think it must be within a certain time-period, like the same minute or something. Sept 23, 2021 16:20:49 GMT -6