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Alatariel: Yay Contest! Jun 15, 2021 14:09:19 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: Good luck to all the contestants! Jun 15, 2021 15:31:47 GMT -6
pelwrath: Dang but wow. A once over of the submissions is this is going to be so much fun judging. Jun 15, 2021 16:09:05 GMT -6
FoxxGlove: This contest is going to be a tough one. Jun 16, 2021 8:43:19 GMT -6
pelwrath: Well two scored tonight and I've serious doubts on my story. Maybe when I grade it that will help. :oops: Jun 16, 2021 23:02:39 GMT -6
Alatariel: Ah don't worry, I think most of us have doubts about our entries tbh. But it's still a good learning exercise. Jun 16, 2021 23:37:00 GMT -6
pelwrath: and that’s why I enter, I learn. When I see my crits, I’ll see what I didn’t do right and or other ways to improve my opening. I know I’m not as good as several who’ve entered. Doesn’t mean I’m bad. My strength is my ideas, descriptions, and stuff. Jun 17, 2021 4:53:25 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: That's the spirit! :D Jun 17, 2021 17:03:42 GMT -6
pelwrath: Yes, spirit and willingness, yet I'll mark my story in the bottom third of the stories. Jun 17, 2021 20:03:58 GMT -6
ScintillaMyntan: I'm pretty unhappy with mine this time. But it's fun to participate. Jun 17, 2021 21:02:33 GMT -6
pelwrath: That it is, nothing says that a learning experience can't be frustrting. Jun 17, 2021 21:05:18 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: Enjoying these contest entries so much! :wub: Jun 18, 2021 10:47:21 GMT -6
ScienceGirl: pelwrath, my early contest entry feedback was brutal. People said things like "If this was a real book, I wouldn't read past the first line." But I listened, learned, and grew. A necessary evil to great writing. Wouldn't trade those comments for anything! Jun 18, 2021 12:51:14 GMT -6
pelwrath: I’m almost always on the pessimistic side about my writing. Then aren’t we all. Jun 18, 2021 16:42:38 GMT -6
ScienceGirl: You're a good storyteller, though. Embrace that and work on practicing specific skills. The writing will get there. Jun 18, 2021 19:16:14 GMT -6
pelwrath: It's far easier to improve a strength than a weakness, thank you for your kind words. Jun 18, 2021 20:27:27 GMT -6
pelwrath: I've been watching Lucifer on Netflix, catching up. Good show. Jun 18, 2021 21:38:16 GMT -6
ScienceGirl: I need a good show. My husband and I have been stuck on these documentaries on our free HBO Max trial. The Vow, about NXVIM and the Allison Mack cult. And the Story of Late Night on CNN But lately I've been falling asleep through everything I try to watch. Jun 18, 2021 22:00:28 GMT -6
Alatariel: What kind of show are you looking for? Jun 18, 2021 22:10:48 GMT -6
ScienceGirl: I'm not sure, really. I've been through the Crown and all the Marvel/DC series. Lots of CSI and such. Merlin, Gotham. I'd love to find something dark and historical that isn't full of annoying racy side plot that's just thrown in for ratings Jun 19, 2021 10:41:20 GMT -6