"Rise From Ruin" Reboot Contest WINNERS!


RAVENEYE: Wow, I understand wanting to provide a place for particular people groups to publish, but that's asking for medical records??? I've always wondered about this as well. Magazines that want only certain people of color or gender. What are we supposed to do? Feb 17, 2021 9:17:49 GMT -6 *
RAVENEYE: Send a photograph and claim it's really the author? I don't get it. Feb 17, 2021 9:18:09 GMT -6
FoxxGlove: Just did my first run through of the Memoir Contest entries. What a lovely collection of little memory gems. :coffee: Feb 17, 2021 12:51:02 GMT -6
wolfwriter089: I got a reply Raveneye, and the editor said I can include my disability in the author bio that will be attached to my submission - still confused about that, but I am comfortable with sharing it, since their audience is the disabled community itself Feb 17, 2021 14:24:45 GMT -6
Alatariel: Ah that seems a bit better Feb 17, 2021 17:24:57 GMT -6
Alatariel: Foxxglove- agreed! Great entries all around. Feb 17, 2021 17:25:15 GMT -6
wolfwriter089: Now to face the next hurdle Ala - the query. I think I'll put it up on LF to make sure it makes sense and get feedback on it before sending it in :) Feb 17, 2021 17:34:43 GMT -6
Alatariel: Ah the query! Such a nightmare lol. But definitely post it! I love reading queries. I call them nightmares but I'm also low-key obsessed. Feb 18, 2021 0:22:10 GMT -6
wolfwriter089: I will post it tomorrow for you Ala - I think I have tidied it up as best I can :) Feb 18, 2021 4:04:50 GMT -6
FoxxGlove: Everything seems to be pretty stagnant right now. I assume we're still up and running? Feb 22, 2021 11:45:32 GMT -6
wolfwriter089: It seems to me that we're still up and running Foxxie :) Feb 22, 2021 12:09:40 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: Funny you mention that because I just dropped a post about our Upcoming IW Workshop!  :D Feb 22, 2021 12:43:57 GMT -6
Caulder Melhaire: Come join us this March for 4 weeks of discussion about the topics that make our fictional worlds turn.   Feb 22, 2021 12:45:08 GMT -6
FoxxGlove: Hey Wolfie. ::::waves:::: Feb 22, 2021 12:53:48 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: Yay! The IW Workshop is about to kick off! :joy: Feb 22, 2021 14:25:23 GMT -6
Aubrey: forum.legendfire.com/thread/377/rolling-weekly-february-march-sleep New Weekly is up! Sorry for the delay, the theme may be the reason it is late... >.> Feb 22, 2021 15:19:14 GMT -6
wolfwriter089: Hello Foxxie :joy: Feb 22, 2021 16:47:48 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: I'm getting a sense of general ennui among the Legendfirians... :( Lots of lurkers lurking... :lurk: Feb 24, 2021 12:02:00 GMT -6
Alatariel: I believe we all love having LF back but this year has been emotionally rough. Getting back up to speed is hard. Feb 24, 2021 14:45:49 GMT -6
RAVENEYE: No doubt! I fear humanity is permanently scarred. Feb 24, 2021 22:00:15 GMT -6